It is important to distinguish two forms of release of Stanozolol, since the injectable Winstrol Depot is much more effective than the oral. Therefore, it is preferred by most athletes.

The injectable Winstrol Depot is that its active chemical substance – like all steroids are usually not ravarino in oil and in water. And although almost every bodybuilding athlete with experience in steroid cycle knows this difference, in practice this knowledge is rarely used: the intervals between injections in Stanozolol should be shorter than in other steroids. This means that Winstrol Depot long-acting is administered more often than oil-soluble steroids.

Although there are many imitations of the injectable winstrol depot, the original “Winny” as it is affectionately called by those who use it is easy to recognize based on its unusual release form. At first glance, we are talking about the contents of the ampoules: milky, watery liquid, which still has several features. The original “Winny” precipitates, i.e. the active chemical is separated from the aqueous injection fluid if the ampoule is at rest for some time. If the ampoule for several hours is in the package or standing on the table, the active chemical is collected and becomes visible as a white layer on the bottom of the glass and mixed with the meanwhile transparent watery liquid only after repeated shaking of the ampoule.