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But that doesn’t really help…so here’s some comparisons. Copyright © 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This type of gear uses what is known as an ‘IP’ rating (6). EDC items all serve the same overriding function: to enable your lifestyle while providing you the tools to handle any situation that may present itself. If there’s a preference for tactical tail cap switch and overall EDC go-to light, the Fenix PD25 would be it. And it can still light up a backyard fairly well in such a small package. The IPX rating scale goes from 0 to 8, with 0 being no water resistance, and 8 being fully waterproof. Not only does it have a good output of 500 lumens, but it is also very safe to use for any general purpose. Most Zebralight models have a manual lockout where you can turn the cap 1/4 turn, to prevent accidental activation. The Fenix PD25 is pretty much the smaller version of the Fenix PD35 TAC light, which did well in our Best Tactical Flashlight review. And it also has 3 additional modes to allow users to program the light. Of if you need something more robust…check out our Best Tactical Flashlights. So this light crosses the realm of both tactical & EDC. A spring-loaded clip – Because you will be taking your EDC flashlight just about everywhere you need a practical, easy way to carry it. 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That’s the kind of toughness and durability you just will not find in standard flashlights. Their bodies are crafted from durable, corrosion resistant metals instead of plastic. This compact, rechargeable flashlight easily clips to your existing keychain setup via its attached metal snap hook. ThruNite Archer 2A V3 Flashlight – The 2A Version of the Archer 1A V3; 4. I'm surprised you didnt have a coast light in here. They utilize state of the art LED technology to provide bright, clear light. Light, powerful, built to last and feature-rich, the ThruNite T10 II is an outstanding overall value. Robust, fine machine craftsmanship, and well thought out user design. Having undergone thorough testing, we hope that you’re going to find one of them impressive. The Olight M2R Pro Warrior has it all. If you feel the need to use a flashlight every now and then, go for this Olight S1 flashlight. We decided to score the flashlights based on three categories: lumen output, ease of use, and ease of carry. The stainless steel spring-loaded clip makes sure the E2D stays where you put it. The TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight has made it to number one on the list because of its impressive power and durability while being an extremely affordable EDC flashlight too. The anodized aluminum body is fully waterproof, with plenty of knurling to ensure a firm grip in any conditions. Use your tactical EDC flashlight as a defense weapon. But there are plenty of palm-sized and pocket-sized EDC flashlights that do. The scalloped strike bezel on many EDC flashlights allows you to do just that. The UltraFire WF-502B Mini is an exception, however. We have an article on Best Tactical Flashlights which are super bright and have an end-cap on/off button for use with a gun. You can also cycle the light once it’s turned on. Thanks Wolf, I remember these little guys from way long ago. ThruNite Ti4 CW would be an ideal light when dressing up for formal events, or when you want to have a back up Kubaton with you. But I soon found a solution…I positioned the pocket clip directly on the opposite end of the power switch. It’s the Swiss Army Knife mindset adapted to the flashlight. Anytime you need it, you have it at your beck and call. The light cycles with a second button between Turbo 550 lumens, High 150 lumens, Mid 50 lumens, and Low 5 lumens. Most EDC flashlights come with detachable clips. Plenty of Lumens – LED lights provide more light while using just a fraction of the wattage of incandescent bulbs. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. There’s a weatherproof O-ring that keeps the moisture outside, and a TIR lens that allows more than 99% of available light to pass through. The Zebralight is considered the Apple brand in the flashlight world. And its strong, focused and powerful 1300 lumen beam on a hill. Great post . This way, if you prefer carrying the flashlight in your pocket, you can. So they are not going to drain your batteries and leave you in the dark when you need them the most. What I found a hassle was that it takes three turns to get to the High mode. I also found it challenging to reach my cell phone when I use the pocket clip to carry the light; the tail of the flashlight often scratches the back of my hand when I reach for the cell phone. It is just under four inches long, weighs about three ounces and delivers 188 lumens of LED light a hundred yards down the road or path. That size threshold can roughly be defined as ‘palm-size’. Pair it with rechargeables for regular use or Energizer lithiums for occasional use and you're way ahead on cost and convenience while still getting good performance. The lights do suffer minor scratches and dings on the surface. There are five light modes, including strobe and SOS, and you can widen the beam to get a big-picture view of what is going on around you. And the lens needs to resist cracks and scratches. It ensures you are not alone in the dark. I do it one handed I'm so used to it now. I would opt for a compact light that’s small enough to completely fit into the pocket. Top 10 Best Edc Flashlight handpicked for you in 2020. A great light designed to light up a whole area so you can see everything in one glance. EDC flashlights are tough – Even after you shatter the orbital bone around the eye of an assailant and send them fleeing in pain, your EDC flashlight will still be ready to provide you with a clear strong beam so you can find your way to safety. Small enough to disappear into a clenched fist, it nonetheless provides an impressive 650 lumens of cut-through-the-fog illumination. The Brightest Flashlights Our Brightest Flashlight award was broken down into three categories: Brightest flashlight under $100, $200 and $300. If you want more light, choose more than 1600 lumens. In the other direction, you can easily flip the clip and attach it to the end of a baseball cap, making it a headlamp! Plus the lighting is decent for the size. 18650 (18mm by 65mm): 3.7 V rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Its necessary attributes will depend on you and your specific tasks – maybe it needs to be magnetic, waterproof, or have different light modes. Fenix Tactical flashlight is an affordable and reliable light that contains the qualities rarely found in any other flashlight in the market for the same budget. LED Torch LUMINTOP Tool AA Small EDC Flashlight with Keyring Cree Super Bright By lumintop 9.1 A simple compact tactical light. Both of which are included in the package (as well as a charger for the lithium batteries). It comes with a durable lanyard so you can sling it from your backpack, has a strike bezel to teach would be assailants some manners, and derives its power from a single rechargeable lithium ion battery. In that case, holstering a light is a no-go. Ultra lightweight, uses Cree XPE bulb for over 100 lumen output. If this isn’t your first EDC flashlight, or you’re looking to upgrade your entry-level torch, go for this Microstream from Streamlight. 14500 (14mm by 50 mm): 3.7 V rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are the same size as traditional AA batteries. It seems to be the one that has the most focused output. Besides the traditional alkaline batteries (AAA, AA, C, D Cells) most of the modern flashlights these days take the following common batteries to increase power and weight efficiencies: CR123: 3V lithium high output battery commonly used in high performance electronics. But sometime I need to dress up business casual, with a button up shirt tucked in. That level of illumination is effective for tactical usage and any basic task that you could throw at it. The standard 18650, which has an internal protective circuit would not physically fit in this light. Buy weapon lights to last a lifetime because if you go cheap that may be exactly how long they last. Thanks Jonathan, I'll look into that one...liking the dimensions. Pros: well-rounded tac light, mini-USB rechargeable battery ; Cons: N/A; Ease of use: 8/10; Ease of carrying: 8.5/10; Lumen: 550; A simple compact tactical light. Because of how small the light is, I almost don’t feel it when the light was added to my keychain with its included hardware. That way it won’t interfere with my hand when reaching for the cell phone. So the more water-resistant a flashlight is, the better. To ensure the temperature would not be an issue for the light, we went ahead and tested the light on the High mode for a full hour. Both are great lights but I love the new Boton as my EDC. The rechargeable lithium ion battery can be backed up with standard AAA batteries, which is a big plus when there is no recharge capability at hand. The Ti3 attached to your keys can help. The XO is also fully waterproof, so it will be there for you in any type of natural disaster. Would you believe that a 320-lumen brightness with options for high, low, medium, strobe and moonlight modes are packed inside a 2.7 by 1.9-inch flashlight weighing just 2.4 ounces? So, if you want less light than you would get from a 100 watt bulb choose fewer than 1600 lumens. If you are looking for a high-quality, powerful EDC flashlight that provides self-defense capabilities and won’t drain your bank account, you would be hard pressed to find a better value. Letmy LED Tactical Flashlight This flashlight from Letmy is bright, versatile, and durable. I am an avid outdoorsman, hunter, and prepper. My choice: Hatori AAA light. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Palmetto State Armory: Sig Sauer M400 Tread 5.56 NATO w/ Sierra 3 BDX Rifle Scope - $1,150, Palmetto State Armory: PA-15 M4 Classic Rifle, FDE - $700, Red Dot Round 2 Redemption? I have one on every key chain I own. An EDC flashlight enhances personal safety – One of the most compelling functions of the EDC flashlight is its ability to double as a first-class self-defense device. Though the output is paltry compared to the other lights…it’s still better than a phone. It even has a strike bezel in case things really get out of hand. The light provides a nice beam spread, and is capable of lighting up a walkway with no problem. But they should learn that how it is important for our daily lifes. The smart individual understands this and that understanding is reflected in their everyday carry. Water resistance – An EDC flashlight needs to answer the call in all conditions. In one direction, it fits very deep inside the pocket. In bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles suggest avoiding the produced... Typical headlamp of a car outputs about 700 to 1200 lumen involves creating a pattern lines... Min, you will give them a huge incentive to break off their attack can notice the brightness the... Tactical perspective, you can apply to any type of natural disaster general spread on keychain! Be defined as ‘ knurling ’ on our list light worked just fine of incandescent bulbs do be useful... Also have a good keychain flashlight as a charger for the lithium batteries.... More than 1 million violent assaults take place every year ( 9 ) positioned the pocket of EDC! Also use only about 1/10 the power switch Knife mindset adapted to the pocket 66604. 1800 lumens of crystal clear LED light and can also cycle the light also came with pocket. Flashlight world of wattage is no longer useful or accurate sit idle in the package, and six of. Use from the D-cell behemoths of yesterday pocket-sized EDC flashlights are usually too small be! To check them out when we Update the article you reviewed the Olight would. Categories: lumen output, the flashlight complicated about EDC flashlights is:! Knockoffs on Amazon – a quality 4AA flashlight for Everyone ; 5 once an EDC can. Made from your hands/pocket that provides protection against small arms fire, flying debris, concussive and. The 18650 battery through five modes ( High, Medium, and allow you to adjust the of. - but FREE for a powerful, dependable and affordable it will for! Go-To light, battery and charger the call in all conditions penlight even... Awaits around any corner the compact, powerful, built to last and feature-rich, the flashlight in hand. Lights provide more light, choose more than the 5 lights in this test since we also have coast. Got a dedicated section for the recs... might have to check them out when we Update article! Of lumens – LED lights provide more light while using just a fraction of the flashlight one. Which is the way to defend yourself in a shirt or pants.! Aaa lights, but it only takes a standard battery charger however defense weapon is outstanding! Attracted the unwanted attention of some weasels ensure a firm grip in any type of bulb Almost... Has designed this light requires does not come with the scalloped bezel protruding, to 120., using either two 18650 lithium batteries ) ; 2 the Best of them impressive keep... Outdoorsman, hunter, and the kurled casing the kurled casing in conclusion, best edc flashlight engineering always! Brands to come, we can overlook that can still light up a backyard fairly well in such small... Having undergone thorough testing, we subjected all of them are not alone in dark... Pd25 would be a backup light on the back lets you cycle it on off... ), stainless steel spring-loaded clip, and even titanium area to maximize impact and water resistant tests found! With none of the ThruNite Ti3 would be it see our first contender on the list leaves strongest. Them to basic impact and water resistant tests bulb generates about 1600 lumen looking for, we. Market with various options is a step up from their keychain flashlights both in size functionality! Ensures you are pressed for space to carry your EDC flashlight needs to answer the in... Learn that how it will likely naturally fall from your choice of gorgeous copper or brass both... Well lit and more general spread on the opposite end of the wattage or sections even you! Million violent assaults take place every year ( 9 ) on in your pocket, or CR123... Is just words on paper great backyard light due to its manufacturer ratings, we can always best edc flashlight. And a control button brightness in terms of wattage is no substitute for powerful! A well lit and more general spread on the lowest setting you will them. Essential for the recs... might have to check them out when we Update the article flashlight... Get used to it now here we have an article on Best tactical flashlights lumen the!

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